The name AccessPlan primarily refers to an access network design software framework, for GIS based access network design, topology optimization and techno-economic evaluation. Details of the AccessPlan software are available on the corresponding software page.

AccessPlan is also a related initiative at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of  Telecommunications and Media Informatics. Current members of the group are Attila Mitcsenkov PhD (young researcher & leader of the software development) and Géza Paksy (highly experienced telecommunication engineer with decades of technical leadership experience at network operators), always accompanied by BSc & MSc students supervised by us on their project laboratory or diploma theses.

Our main competencies and goals and summarized in the following table:


Goals & interests

We have experience with:
We are starting or planning to deal with:
1 Optical access network design & planning 1 Reliable optical access networks: analysis & planning
2 Geographic information in network planning 2 Mobile network dimensioning & planning
3 Fixed Mobile Convergence 3 Filterless Optical Networks (FON/TeraStream)
4 Network reliability
5 Graph theory, optimisation & algorithms

“Call for participation”:

We are always looking for talented students and colleagues, so feel free to contact us!

We have open positions, available project laboratory / thesis work topics, and much more. We have also open PhD positions.