Topology Design and Capex Estimation for Passive Optical Networks

Presented at BroadNets 2009, Madrid, Spain.


  • Attila Mitcsenkov
  • Géza Paksy
  • Tibor Cinkler


Several optical access network technologies are available for network operators providing broadband services (FTTx: Fiber-to-the-X solutions). These technologies are now in deployment phase, therefore network and topology design issues play an increasingly important role.

In this paper we address broadband optical access network design minimizing deployment costs, taking operation issues into account, using detailed cost and network models of the above listed FTTx technologies that suit best to actual networks due to detailed cost metrics used instead of just minimizing fiber lengths. We present a heuristic solution that works fast even for large problem instances, providing results with a difference less than approximately 10-20% from the computed ILP (Integer Linear Programming) optimum for smaller cases where ILP could be used.

Along with these algorithms we present case studies of real-life network and service requirement instances (number of customers ranging from 400 to 20.000).

Forum & Citation

BroadNets 2009, Madrid, Spain

A Mitcsenkov, G Paksy, T Cinkler, “Topology Design and Capex Estimation for Passive Optical Networks”, BroadNets 2009, Madrid, Spain

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