Fixed and Mobile Convergence: Needs and Solutions

Presented on European Wireless 2014, Barcelona, Spain


  • Stephane Gosselin, De Biasio Joseph, Feknous Moufida, Tahar Mamouni
  • Jose Alfonso Torrijos, Luis Cucala
  • Dirk Breuer, Erik Weis, Frank Geilhardt, Dirk v. Hugo, Eckard Bogenfeld
  • Ali Hamidian, Neiva Fonseca
  • Yaning Liu, Susanne Kuehrer
  • Annie Gravey
  • Attila Mitcsenkov
  • Jose V. Galan, Enrique Masgrau Rite
  • Luis Simon Gomez, Lander Alonso
  • Stefan Höst
  • Anthony Magee


The drivers of Fixed and Mobile Convergence (FMC) are discussed. A reference framework for FMC proposed by European project COMBO is then presented. Some use cases of FMC are described, showing the needs for mutualization and convergence of fixed and mobile broadband networks. Five network scenarios providing technical solutions to FMC use cases are proposed. They target an optimal and seamless quality of experience for the end user together with an optimized network infrastructure ensuring increased performance, flexibility reduced cost and reduced energy consumption.

Forum & Citation

S Gosselin et al. “Fixed and Mobile Convergence: Needs and Solutions”, European Wireless 2014, Barcelona, Spain

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