General framework for techno-economic analysis of next generation access networks

Invited paper at ICTON 2010, Munich, Germany.


  • Miroslaw Kantor
  • Krzysztof Wajda
  • Bart Lannoo
  • Koen Casier
  • Sofie Verbrugge
  • Mario Pickavet
  • Lena Wosinska
  • Jiajia Chen
  • Attila Mitcsenkov


A large variety of access network technologies and architectures that provide wide service portfolio to the customer are available for the network operators. Each of the potential access network architectures and technologies varies in complexity, network functionality, services supported and overall network costs. A detailed comparison of the economic viability of different access network scenarios is crucial for operators due to the high cost of this network segment. This paper identifies all essential elements of a general framework for the techno-economic analysis of different access network technologies and architectures, as well as describes some specific issues/problems related to the techno-economic evaluation of next generation (NG) access networks. The goal is to have at operator’s disposal a methodology allowing the techno-economic comparison of the proposed access network solutions and their introduction/rollout.

Forum & Citation

Internation Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON) 2010, Munich, Germany

M Kantor, K Wajda, B Lannoo, K Casier, S Verbrugge, M Pickavet, L Wosinska, J Chen, A Mitcsenkov, “General framework for techno-economic analysis of next generation access networks”, ICTON 2010, Munich, Germany

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