The AccessPlan framework is built on our research activities and results in the following fields:

Topology design

It was the main research area of our research in the recent years. We have developed specific algorithms for for various access network technologies: GPON, 10GPON, WDM PON, Point-t0-Point, Active Ethernet, xDSL – for more details, click here.

A summary of the research supporting the PhD of Attila Mitcsenkov has also been published as a book (click on the book cover to open Amazon Books page).

Attila Mitcsenkov: Efficient topology design methods for next generation access networks: Scalable network planning algorithms and cost estimation of next generation access networks (GlobeEdit, 2017)

Deployment cost estimation

Accurate and detailed cost calculations based on component level prices of topology/network elements

Business Case Analysis

Commonly adopted metrics in addition to CAPEX calculations, i.e. Cash Flow, Return of Investment, Internal Interest Rate, Net Present Value and Payback Period

Reliability analysis of access networks

Reliability calculations of the complete network infrastructure is based on component-level reliability, and the fact that we know the topology itself.

This feature supports techno-economic evaluation of various reliable access network scenarios.

Population distribution analysis

The population density, and its dispersion has the most singificant negative effect on accuracy of existing techno-economic tools, based on geometric modeling of the service area (e.g. coverage and calculation via regular geometric elements, such as triangles, squares, hexagons or circles).

The visualization and analysis of this uneven distribution supports the designer and also the techno-economic analysis to overcome this inaccuracy.


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