Our novel network planning methodology and framework (AccessPlan) relies on novel geospatial databases and digital maps.

The algorithms implemented in the AccessPlan Framework are capable to perform network planning for large scale areas with up to 10.000 – 100.000 demand points (subscriber nodes). It handles various NGA network technologies, namely PON systems (GPON, XGPON, WDM PON), Active Ethernet, xDSL or even point-to-point Ethernet access networks.

The network planning methods consider not only the map of the service area, but also the existing network infrastructure, locations of demand points, and also detailed cost databases as well as technological and physical constraints during the optimization.

Input data for map-based automatic network planning

The developed network planning methods were among the first solutions worldwide for automatic NGA network planning. The theoretical background, and results demonstrating capabilities of the developed algorithms were published in a summary journal paper at Photonic Network Communications in 2011,, and as a monograph (book) by Attila Mitcsenkov in 2017.

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